Michael David Crawford LIVE! On Broadway,
The Rough Draft, August 21, 2018

I'm recording these rough cuts so I can improve my singing by hearing myself as others hear me.
LIVE! On Broadway's Final Draft will be available in October.

LIVE! On Broadway... and Morrison in Portland, Oregon. :-D

I'm also using The Rough Draft to try out various options for processing and mastering the recordings that will go on the final draft.

Just my opening track so far. To stream to your mobile device, tap the MP3 link; to stream to your notebook or desktop computer, click the MP3 link.

Windows, Linux and BSD: Right-Click on a track then select Save As to download it.

macOS: Control-Click or Right-Client on a track then select Save As to download.

01 The Star Spangled Banner

Just the first verse today. Despite that they are rarely performed there are actually four verses that few folks know anything about. I expect to be singing all four in a week or two.

I recorded this with Music Paradise's Pro Microphone. It works really well for this rough draft but I'll be purchasing a Zoom H4N Pro Handy Recorder in early October, or possibly a Zoom H5 or Zoom H6

I edited the raw, dry recording with Audacity 2.2.2 on a Late 2014 Mac mini with macOS Sierra 10.12.5.

The only effect I added was the "Dark Small Room" Reverb Preset. I'm not at all happy with the reverb in today's track so tomorrow I'll try the Medium Room.

I mixed this while wearing headphones. You really don't want to do that: if you mix and master a track with headphones you will optimize that mix for sounding like it's coming out of the middle of your head! What you really want are Studio Monitors. At least for this rough draft my CyberAcoustics CA-3712BT Bluetooth Speaker System would work well.

Pro Microphone and my iPhone 7's built-in monophonic mic work really well for GarageBand-style recording but all the Zoom H-Series recorders can do 24-Bit 96 kHz stereo. (Stereo is important for live recording because my lister will sense me moving around as I sing.)

Every mic used for studio recording requires a pop filter as well as isolation from whatever its resting on. For this track I used a pillow from my bed with my iPhone on an angle towards me. I used a folded washcloth for a pop filter by starting the recording then placing the washcloth on top of the phone. That worked really well - my first take without the washcloth sounded terrible.

That will be a Glass-Master Pressed Audio CD. My present Set List is quite short; among my tasks for this October's album is selecting then learning enough new material for sixty minutes of singing. Arlo Guthrie's folk music works really well for me, as does that of his iconic father Woody.