Turning Pro:
Set Mike Up with the Gear to Sing as a Professional

All but a few of these can readily be had used with excellent quality.
To the extent I possibly can, I'll buy from local Brick-And-Mortar stores.

Michael David Crawford, Baritone

Valentine's Evening, February 14th, 2019
Vancouver, Washington

I have been working diligently towards my career as a Professional Musician since November 1984, when I taught myself to "improvise" on the piano at the California Institute Of Technology's Ricketts House where I was a "Scurve".

This weekend or so I'll set up a KickStarter Crowdfunding Campaign to raise the $900.00 I'll need to sing live in cafes, clubs, private parties as well as weddings.

My Funding Goal will be one thousand dollars. Note that KickStarters All-Or-Nothing Funding Model stipulates that if my $1,000 goal isn't reached - or exceeded! - your contributions will be returned in their entireties. I'll get nothing.

To the extents that I can buy used or your contribute more than a grand, I'll use the extra to purchase some some live recording and video gear, as well as to have at least one thousand Glass Master-Pressed CDs of my Vocal Debut Album, Michael David Crawford: LIVE! On Broadway (... and Morrison inPortland, Oregon)


My KickStarter will include a video of me singing live on the street - for tips - in Downtown Portland, as well as links to YouTube videos of my singing each of my répertoire in their entireties.

New Total: $745.44
Used Total: I must go shopping first.

Absolutely Required

  $34.99 Blackstar Tone:Link Bluetooth Audio Receiver
  $33.50 500 Two-Sided Color/Greyscale Business Cards
 $104.00 Shure SM58S Handheld Dynamic (Vocal) Microphone with On/Off Switch
  $34.99 Comprehensive XLRP-XLRJ-25ST XLR Plug to Jack Audio Cable 25ft
  $34.99 Shure A55HM Snap-in Shock Stopper Mount for Microphones with Tapered Handles
  $82.99 Pyle Heavy-Duty Tripod Boom Mic Stand
  $19.99 UltraLast Desktop Battery Charger

(I have lots of batteries but my charger died.)

The Next Level: Live Recordings and Videos

I'm working on a live vocal album to be released in late Summer of this year (2019).

New Total: $1,029.98

Used Total: I must go shopping first

 $399.99 Zoom H6 Handy Recorder
 $629.99 Panasonic HC-VX870K 4K Ultra HD ProSumer Camcorder

That the HC-VX870K isn't regarded as a Pro camera is due to its not having XRL Jacks for external microphones. I won't need any as I'll do my recordings with the Shure SM58S Vocal Mike or the Zoom H6 Handy Recorder.

$1,205.00 Replication (Factory Pressing) of 1000 Glass Master Pressed Retail-Ready CDs

S & J's CD Replication Retail-Read Bundle also includes Jewel Cases, tapled booklets, tray cards for the back sides, each of them shrinked-wrapped with Retail-Ready Bar Code.

To be shrink-wrapped with a bar code would enable me to get my Debut CD into retail distribution, to sell them - autographed - at live performances as well as to avoid The Middleman by selling them direct at CD Baby.

(I only now got the wonderful news that my 1994 instrumental piano album has been selling like hotcakes! Get Yours While They Last!.)