Introductory Price!

Fifty dollars per hour, no charge for my travel.

Pay only for digitization of those albums I do not own myself.

iTunes Sucks:
a Digital Music Service for the Rest of Us

I will visit your home or place of work
to digitize your compact disc collection
as you enjoy my own collection on my iPad.
I will deliver those albums you wish to own yourself.

To ensure the quality of my work, I will import - or "rip" - your discs with External Universal Serial Bus-Connected Plextor Optical Drives, in my experience the very finest in the land, with each such import performed by Exact Audio Copy (EAC) running under Windows 7, loaded via Apple BootCamp on my MacBook Pro.


When you call or email me, please let me know the street address where I will perform for you.

Michael David Crawford
(971) 386-3996

(Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington Metro Only.)

Upon the completion of my work, I will deliver your tracks on a Western Digital WD Elements Portable Solid State Drive. As Flash Mass Storage has no moving parts there is little danger of damage were you to drop it. It will fit in your pants pocket or a small purse as well as look attractive on your desk at work or your coffee table at home.

At your option, I will as well load some or all of your collection onto MicroCD Flash Cards, suitable for loading into such Android Devices as the Galaxy Note 8. Each such card will have your preference for time era - the fabulous fifties, the roaring nineties - variety, whether - as with I - you only listen to full albums all the way through, your choice of Greatest Hits or Discographies as well as musical genre - House, Rap, Alternative Rock or even - again, as with I - the Ragtime of the late nineteenth century African-American Composer Scott Joplin.

both losslessly - FLAC and ALE - and lossily - Ogg Vorbis, MP3, AAC (iTunes Music Store) and WMA compressed. Your lossy tracks will offer a selection of bitrates that you may at your convenience choose between loading your music play with a modest quantity of audiophile fidelity music or a vast quantity of enjoyable yet lower-quality songs.

(My MacBook Pro is sweet, but not that sweet: your encoding and compression will take place on my awesomely powerful Intel Core Quad Xeon Engineering Workstation in my office, over the Internet.)

FLAC and ALE - the Free Lossless Audio Codec and Apple Lossless Encoder respectively are bit for bit identical to your original Compact Disc. The only real practical difference to you is the device or software used for playback: as iTunes doesn't support FLAC, play ALE instead. For Android Devices as well as with VLC Media Player on Desktop and Notebook Computers, use FLAC.

Your Fee for My Services

$100.00 $50.00 Per Hour

There is no charge for the digitization of those of your albums I already own myself.

As both sides of my whole extended family are steeped in a deep musical tradition, you're likely to regard my services as remarkably affordable.

Happy clients are far more valuable to us self-employed folk than any amount of money. To that end, I aim to build my clientele by charging half-price through the end of Spring.

NO TRAVEL CHARGE! Because I get around on the bus and the train, I require a Taxi Surcharge to perform at locations that are not well-served by C-TRAN or TriMet. I will let you know how much my cab will cost either in my reply to your email, or in a return telephone call.

My RĂ©pertoire

Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love"

I'd go hungry, I'd go black and blue
I'd go crawlin' down the avenue
No, there's nothin' that I wouldn't do
To make you feel my love

"You Are My Sunshine" by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell

The other night, dear, as I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms
But when I awoke, dear, I was mistaken
And I hung my head and cried

Judy Garland's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

Happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow.
Why then oh why can't I?

"Stand By Me" by the Immortal Ben E. King

If the sky that we look upon
Should tumble and fall
Or the mountain should crumble to the sea
I won't cry, I won't cry
No, I won't shed a tear
Just as long as you stand
Stand by me

Led Zeppelin's "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" from their 1969 Self-Titled Album

Babe, baby, baby, I'm Gonna Leave You.
I said baby, you know I'm gonna leave you.
I'll leave you in the summertime,
Leave you when the summer comes a-rollin'
Leave you when the summer comes along.