Nulla Dies Sine Linea:
Michael David Crawford, Baritone

"Never A Day Without A Line": advice given to Roman visual artists.
Music can be lonely and frustrating. These words give me courage.

Call me Mike. I'm a Busker.

I sing on the street - for tips - in downtown Portland, Oregon. My present repertoire has a selection of patriotic and folk songs as well as show tunes. I'll be adding some Elvis Presley soon.

Sometimes when I sing "You Are My Sunshine", I make women cry.

I've recently commenced guitar study with the purchase of a lovely used Washburne Greg Allman Melissa Limited Edition acoustic-electric from Oldtown Music in Portland. While my intention was to accompany my singing, I've improvising instrumental music, conceptually similar to what you'll find on my piano album.

I taught myself piano by learning to improvise as I have a very difficult time reading written music. Geometric Visions: The Rough Draft is all my own original work, with the sheet music to two of the songs if you play yourself.